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We strongly believe that without content is very difficult to grow online, unless you have a fat marketing budget, but even in that case once you stop paying, the traffic will stop too. Here at Anecdote Media we do just that: Content. From planning to creation to promotion, We take care of the whole process.

Content Planning

Understanding your business and your goals for it is the first step towards building a solid content marketing strategy.

Content Creation

We employ professional and trusted writers to get the content done, making sure the article has potential to reach page 1 on Google.

Content Promotion

We pay particular attention to this step of the process after all, you can write the best piece of content, but if nobody sees it, is it worth it?

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

Since we started taking this quote seriously, we have seen a massive increase in success stories of businesses using our service, giving ourselves enough time to plan, organize and deploy each project has resulted in a big win for us and the client, so as a matter of fact we take a minimum of 90 days, the longer the time, the better is going to be the outcome.


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Worldwide Clients


Worldwide Clients

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Once we understood that content was the single most powerful way to drive traffic and sales to a site, we decided to go all in, so we have developed a clear path that literally takes a business from Zero to Hero. Wether you prefer to work with text, audio or video we have the knowledge to distribute that content to the masses through "mainstream" platforms as well as less known sites. During the whole process our sister companies Calculated Marketing and Anecdote Press will assist us on some aspects of the campaign along the way.

Business Discovery Video Call & Similar Content Research

It comes without saying that in order for us to get started we do need to have an extensive chat with you, the business owner. The key point we need to grasp is: what problem your sercvice or product solves. That's it!

Market Analysis, Content Research & Content Creation

The next stage sees us researching about the topic related to your product or service in order to understand what are the main painpoint of the end user, once this established, we then contract several writers to create content.

Content promotion, Blog Advertising & Syndication

Here comes the fun part: the promotion. We take advantage of every channel and platform available out there to spread out your content from native advertising to social advertising to RSS marketing. Your content will be seen.

Latest Projects

Below you'll find some of our latest projects's case studies, have a read in order for you to understand how we work. You'll notice one thing common to all the projects, We deploy multiple strategies for every job in order to maximize results. We do this to ensure a long lasting relationship with our clients, because at the end of the day businesses pay us for results.


What Our Clients Has To Say About Us

We can start listing all our great skills, but we think is much better for you to hear from somebody that has already used our service.

My review shouldn't be here since my company owns Anecdote Media, but i had to share my experience, these guys deserve the credit they have gained. They helped me grow my personal brand primarily with content but most important, content that ranks. Well done guys keep the good work up!

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